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Marek Kwiek – Curriculum Vitae (2016)

Born: 17/09/1966, Poznań, Poland

Academic title: (Full) Professor and Director

Work: Center for Public Policy Studies, UNESCO Chair in Institutional Research and Higher Education Policy,
Faculty of Social Sciences, Poznań University, Ul. Szamarzewskiego 89, 60-569 Poznań, Poland



1. Academic career:

Assistant Professor, 1995-2001, Poznań University, Poland (UAM); PhD: 1995, Habilitation: 1999;
University Professor 2001-2009, UAM; Full Professor 2009-, UAM.

Center for Public Policy Studies, UAM, Director, 2002-

UNESCO Chair in Institutional Research and Higher Education Policy, Chair holder, 2012-2016

2. International Collaborative Research Projects (Selected) -

national team leader/ partner in 20 global and European collaborative research projects. Multi-year, theme-based research collaborations.


2018-2015 – a MASTER award \ professorial subsidy from the Foundation for Polish Science FNP), project: Institutional Autonomy and Adaptation Models of Polish Universities to the Changing Social and Economic Environment.

2017-2012 – a MAESTRO grant from the NCN (National Research Council), five-years long “Frontier Research” project: The Programme for Research in International Comparative Higher Education (1.66 MIL PLN or 415.000 EUR).

2017-2014 – a HARMONIA grant from the NCN (National Research Council), three-years long project: European Flagship Universities: Balancing Academic Excellence and Socio-Economic Relevance (FLAGSHIP). Coordinated by Peter Maassen (University of Oslo) and Marek Kwiek.

2012-2009 – national team leader, European Science Foundation (ESF), Academic Profession in Europe: Responses to Societal Challenges (EUROAC), coord. by Ulrich Teichler (Kassel University).

2013-2009 – national team leader and Board Member, EU “Marie Curie Initial Training Network” EDUWEL – Education and Welfare, 7th FP, coord. by Hans-Uwe Otto (Bielefeld University).

2012-2009 – national team leader, Board Member, 7th FP, Making Capabilities Work (WORKABLE) coord. by Hans-Uwe Otto (Bielefeld University).

2009-2007 – national team leader, Board Member, European Union Erasmus/LLL Programme GOODUEP – Good Practices in University-Enterprises Partnerships, coord. by Jose-Gines Mora, TU Valencia.

2007-2004 – national team leader and Board Member, European Union European Universities for Entrepreneurship – Their Role in the Europe of Knowledge, STREP Project in 6th Framework Programme, coord. by Michael Shattock and Gareth Williams, Institute of Education, the UK.

2004-2001 – team member, PROPHE: Program for Research on Private Higher Education, EAPS, State University of New York at Albany, USA, Ford Foundation, coord. by Daniel C. Levy.

2001-2000 – team member, The Academic Profession in a Changing International Environment, Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, USA, funded by Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, coord. by Philip G. Altbach.


2013-2015 – partner, High Participation Systems across the World (Institute of Education, London, and National Research University - High School of Economics, Moscow, Russia), coordinated by Simon Marginson, Institute of Education, the UK.

2014-2015 – partner, Global University Rankings: Impacts on Universities Worldwide (Boston College Center for International Higher Education, Boston, the USA, and National Research University - High School of Economics, Moscow, Russia), coordinated by Philip G. Altbach, Laura Rumbley and Maria Yudkiewich.

2011-2013 – partner, Network of Experts on Social Aspects of Education and Training (NESET, EC/DG Education and Culture Project), chaired by Sally Power, Cardiff University, UK.

2010-2012 – national team leader, Institutional Learning within Transborder University Cooperation and Its Contribution to European Integration (BORDERUNI), funded by German-Polish Foundation for Research, coord. by Heidi Fichter-Wolf, IRS Leibniz Institute, Erkner, Germany.

2011-2009 – coordinator, EEA Grants/Norway Grants, Polish Higher Education and the European Higher Education and Research Areas (NORPOL), with Peter Maassen, Oslo University, Norway.

2007-2011 – partner, Network of Experts in Social Sciences of Education and Training (NESSE, EC/DG Education and Culture project), chaired by Roger Dale, Bristol University, the UK.

2007-2008 – senior adviser, Governance Reform Project (EC/DG Education and Culture project, coord. by Jürgen Enders and Jon File, CHEPS, Twente University, the Netherlands.

2008-2007 – team member, The Belgian Government – Ministry of Education (Bologna Process BENELUX 2009), Beyond Bologna Process 2010, coord. by B. Kehm, J. Huisman, and B. Stensaker.

2005-2002 – team member, European Union Erasmus GENIE Network (Globalization and Education Network in Europe), coord. by Susan Robertson, University of Bristol, the UK.

2003-2002 – team member, The International Attractiveness of the Academic Profession, the Dutch government, coord, by Jürgen Enders, CHEPS, Twente University, the Netherlands.

2003-2002 – team member, Doctoral Degrees and Qualifications in the Context of the European Higher Education Area, coord. by Jan Sadlak, UNESCO-CEPES.

2003-2002 – team member, European Association for Education Law and Policy (ELA) project, Legal Framework of New Governance in Education Throughout Europe, hosted by College of Europe, Brugges, coord. by Jan De Groof.

3. International Fellowships -

three academic years spent at North American universities. Winner in competitions for highly prestigious research fellowship: a global Fulbright New Century scholar, a Fulbright scholar, a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow, an International Open Society Institute Policy Fellow.

2008-2007 – a global “Fulbright New Century Scholar”, working under D. Bruce Johnstone, NCS Distinguished Leader, in a global Fulbright Foundation project Higher Education in the 21st Century: Equity and Access (Poznan/SUNY Buffalo, USA, 12 months).

2003-2002 – a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow, International Forum for Democratic Studies, National Endowment for Democracy (NED),Washington, DC, USA, Reforming Higher Education in Central and Eastern Europe and Democratic Values, 6 months.

2000 – an International Open Society Institute Policy Fellow, Center for Policy Studies, Central European University (CEU), Budapest, The Identity Crisis. Polish Higher Education in Transition (hosts: Y. Elkana, V. Tomusk, P. Darvas, 12 months).

2000-1999 – a visiting professor, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary (1 semester).

1999 – a visiting scholar, Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, Free University, Berlin (2 months).

1997-1996 – a Kosciuszko Foundation postdoctoral visiting scholar, University of California at Berkeley, USA (host: Martin Jay, 6 months).

1996 – a Canadian Faculty Research Award Program visiting researcher, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (host: Charles Taylor, 2 months).

1995-1994 – a Fulbright Foundation visiting scholar, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA (host: Richard Rorty, research assistant to Richard Rorty, 10 months).

4. Academic Honors, Membership in International Networks and Associations.

2015 – Editorial Board Member, British Educational Research Journal.

2012 – Editorial Board Member, European Journal of Higher Education.

2011 – General Editor, book series Higher Education Research and Policy, Peter Lang, Frankfurt/New York.

(8 volumes in 2011-2015).

2005 – Editorial Board Member, Higher Education Quarterly.

2004 – Editorial Board member, European Educational Research Journal.

2015 – Editor-in-Chief, Nauka i Szkolnictwo Wyższe, as well as a board member of 4 Polish academic journals.

Member of: CHER (Consortium of Higher Education Researchers); EASST (European Association for the Study of Science and Technology); ERNOCRU (European Research Network on Civic Role of Universities); RERIES (European Network for Research and Innovation in Higher Education); EEPN (European Education Policy Network); GUNI (Global University Network Initiative); EERA (European Educational Research Association); and EAIR (European Higher Education Society).

5. International Higher Education Policy Projects -

team member (mostly team leader) in 30 international higher education policy and reform projects funded by all major international organizations in 12 transition countries.

International expert in higher education policy in 12 countries, author of research and policy reports for e.g. the European Commission (2001-2002), OECD (2003, 2006), Council of Europe (2003-2005), UNESCO-CEPES (2003), OSCE (2004-2007), USAID (2001, 2002, 2004, 2014), World Bank (2003-2004, 2008, 2010-2011, 2015-2016), UNDP (2010), as well as for several European governments.

Member of 3 high-level expert groups (OECD/CERI 2006, OECD/CERI 2003, European Commission HLEG STRATA 2001-2002). Co-author of the Polish national strategy (The Development of Higher Education in Poland until 2020) for Ernst and Young and the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2009-2010).

6. Manuscript Reviewer For:

Higher Education (JCR); Studies in Higher Education (JCR); Scientometrics (JCR); Science and Public Policy (JCR); Research Policy (JCR); Management Learning (JCR); Higher Education Quarterly; European Educational Research Journal; Organization; and European Journal of Higher Education;

7. Publications (selection from 160).












8. Research Monographs (Selection)

  1. Uniwersytet w dobie przemian. Instytucje i kadra a akademicka w warunkach rosnącej konkurencyjności [The University in the Time of Change. Institutions and the Academic Profession under Increasing Competition], 542 pp. Warsaw: PWN.
  2. Knowledge Production in European Universities. States, Markets, and Academic Entrepreneurialism. 486 pp. Frankfurt and New York: Peter Lang. 2013.
  3. Transformacje uniwersytetu. Zmiany instytucjonalne i ewolucje polityki edukacyjnej w Europie [Universities’ Transformations. The Institutional Change and Shifts in Educational Policy in Europe]. Poznan: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM [AMU Scientific Publishers]. 448 pp. 2010.
  4. The University and the State. A Study into Global Transformations. 424 pp. Frankfurt and New York: Peter Lang. 2006. Translated into Ukrainian and published by: Taxon Publishing House: Kiev. 384 pp. 2009.
  5. Intellectuals, Power, and Knowledge. Studies in the Philosophy of Culture and Education. 301 pp. Frankfurt and New York: Peter Lang. 2004.

Edited books:

  1. Marek Kwiek and Andrzej Kurkiewicz, eds. The Modernization of European Universities. Cross-National Academic Responses. 360 pp. Frankfurt and New York: Peter Lang. 2012.
  2. Marek Kwiek and Peter Maassen, eds. National Higher Education Reforms in a European Context: Comparative Reflections on Poland and Norway. 244 pp. Frankfurt and New York: Peter Lang. 2012.
  3. Kwiek, Marek, ed. The University, Globalization, Central Europe. 260 pp. Frankfurt and New York: Peter Lang. 2003.


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